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Terms and Policies
Racing is a dangerous sport, the products sold are sold "as is".  Brack's Muffler and Repair or Fastmaster Race Cars (seller) will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury arising from the use or misuse of these products, parts or chassis.  Injury or death is a possible occurrence in the sport of racing.  The user shall determine the suitability and safety of the product, parts, or chassis and assumes all responsibility and risk in connection there within.

Fastmaster Race Cars is now announcing that we can be your parts supplier for your latest race car parts.  Check out our shocks, springs, and any other parts you are looking for.  We can be competitive and sometimes cheaper than other suppliers.
Choose our customized chassis parts or other parts for your race car.

Call and Check our prices!


rear end /  pull bar  /  drive shaft 

rear springs and shocks  swedge tubes




Fastmaster Customized:

bird cages    four bar brackets

j bar and brackets    pull bars



Body parts
body / roof / interior / decking
hood / sail panels
sheets of aluminum
Check out prices on these items:
fuel cell / shifters w/ rods / radiators
gauges / starter buttons
brake and clutch pedals
throttle pedal / uv joint holders
heims w/ jams
tie rods / headers
upper ball joints / window net
weight jack plates
braided brake lines
IMCA wheels
bell housings